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STANDARD 5 Year Warranty!!

PLAN A Standard Care Warranty
Labor is covered for defect related failures for 5 Years.  Parts are covered for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years, depending upon choice (1 year is FREE).  Optional on-site service available on a per year basis for up to 5 years, followed by hourly per call service each additional year.  Many companies have dispensed with onsite warranty and utilize our RETURN TO FACTORY CARE WARRANTY & REPAIR, as our systems rarely fail. 

PLAN B - Return to Factory Care Warranty
Labor for repair is covered for 5 years, Parts are covered for defect related failures for 1-3 Years depending upon the part.  On-Call Service is available by quotation in many parts of the world.  Parts coverage extendible to 3 Years on Laptops, 5 years on PCs.  PLAN B is FREE on all CSS systems.

One of CSS's Standard Care Assembly Locations
In South West Texas.


All custom engineered systems are tested with PC/97-99 and CSS's WHQL Testing Program (Microsoft's Certification Test Suite) and CSS's "PRO SYSTEM EXERCISER" and "PC-MD DIAGNOSTIC SUITE".   CSS's contract assemblers submit key systems to Microsoft for WHQL testing and Windows Logo-ing.  And, our Hardware Contractors are involved steadily with Intel obtaining the "Intel Inside" and other Intel "logo" based branding systems, to insure that we are fully 100% compatible with all Microsoft and Intel technology (and vice versa). All CSS finished systems are shipped from plant to region, where a second set of standardized tests are run-in to determine that each system has the ability to adapt to shipping and handling at your offices. In addition, our plants and regional center are designed to test systems for compliance with our network standards.  That include Network Certification with Microsoft NT and 2000 operating systems, involvement in certification of them for use with Microsoft's new Windows XP and Whister programs, and Windows Networking (Lan Manager), Internet (IP, TCP, and all other protocols), Novell LAN, UNIX (NFS), MHS.400 and IBM Standard Networking (SNA) through testing programs with Attachmate, plus our systems are certified for upwards compatibility with all Wide Area, Government and Satcom networking systems, including some not yet widely available in use in military activities.

All CSS assembly and contract assembly facilities (Our newest Dolphin / TIGER Notebook Assembly and Test Area Depicted left) include extensive system compatibility designed into their design/engineering/assembly lifecycles, and implement such extensive Quality Assurance Testing, that our system exceed store bought systems' quality by a large margin: resulting in longer life, easier maintenance and better overall reliability.   Our system engineering department ensures that systems are CUSTOM ENGINEERED to exacting specifications as part of the pre-manufacturing definition stage, to provide that extra "edge" that make CSS's personal computers the best in the world.  (To the right, our West Coast Assembly area). 

An unheard of 1/15th of 1% PEAK RMA rate, with much lower rates experienced by 99% of all customers continues to rule the day at CSS. Typical 50,000 Hour Typical Duty Life, with MTBF estimated as high as 200,000 hours, make CSS computers unequaled by any other manufacturer. (Laptop General Assembly in Taiwan, at partner Compal to the right).

CSS has long been known as a highly successful Market oriented and cost leading PC, Server and Laptop company. It's operation involves both the development of entirely new (ODM) and custom designs provided by reseller clients (OEM). At present our annual production capacity for portable computers is 130,000 units maximum, and for desktop and standard computers is 400,000 units, making us capable of being one of the largest computer companies in the world. Our virtualized structure, makes it simple to expand in the face of market changes.

Our laptop assembly area (producing products like the CSS Tiger Pad or the Dolphin III depicted at left) production lines are completely automated, featuring SMT and other advances technology throughout the production process. We utilize a tightly-evolved, highly rational loop production line with automated burn-in and 100% product testing for the fullest assurance of quality. With quality standards that exceed those which can be found anywhere in the electronics industry, CSS is proud of the reliability and consistency of its products provided to the World's markets.

Our motherboard development operatives specialize in producing the very best mainboard technology available, ranging from low end Pentium MMX PCs through Dual and Quad Pentium II and Pentium Pro system boards, designed for use in high end server technology, with advanced INTEL licensed features, and AMD features for AMD's newest "6 issue Risc" K6 and later processors.

For example, the CSS850 is a Socket 470 ATX form-factor mainboard with Intel Pentium 4 processor support. Designed around Intel’s 850DG+ CSSAGPset, it offers CPU speed support of 1.2GHz through 3GHz. The CSS850+ is also equipped with the most advanced technologies such as DOUBLE DATA RATE CSSelerated Graphics Port (AGP) 4X, Keyboard/PS2 mouse power-on, modem ring wake-up and LAN wake-up features. This jumperless board allows for quick and simple setup while its on-board monitoring chip LM2001, allows it to offer voltage sensing ability to monitor critical current spikes within the system that exceeds the system health requirements of the new Power Management services in Windows NT, 98 and 95, ME, 2000, OS/2 and UNIX.  


CSS's board and notebook assembly and contract assembly facilities are certified to and surpass ISO9002 quality requirements.  All notebook PCs bear U/L, D, TUV, CE, CSA and a long list of other electronic certifications.  Our Domestic Assembly House (spanning three facilities) is gradually nearing completion of its ISO9000 book, meaning we will be operating one of the few fully ISO certified USA PC Assembly operations. Eventually, we expect to achieve International Standards Certification for all of our products, even down to the Custom Assembled PCs bearing the lowest prices on our Line Card, vary untypical of most PC manufacturers.

For more information, please express your interests in our Q&A process to CSS Product Engineering, at our main offices in Cranford, NJ.  Our West Coast Contract Warehouse Area

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Intel850 AGPset
plus Creative Labs PCI-128 CT5880
Stereo Audio

PGA423 socket for Intel Pentium 4 processor
Supports 100/105*/110*/133* MHz system bus (400MHz data bus, 200MHz address bus frequency)
AUTO detect CPU voltage

Intel 850 AGPset + ICH2
Creative CT5880 PCI sound chip; AC97 codec
Winbond W83627HF LPCIO + health monitoring

64MB to 2GB memory size
4 x RIMM sockets; Dual RAMBUS channel support
Supports 64/128/256/512 MB RAMBUS RIMM module
Supports ECC type RIMM module

1 x AGP Pro slot supports AGP Pro AGP card, and 2X/4X mode AGP card (1.5V only)
1 x CNR (Communication Networking Riser) slot (Shared with PCI slot)
5 x PCI slots support 33MHz & PCI 2.2 compliant

2 x UDMA ATA 100/66/33 Bus Master IDE ports on board
1 x FDD, 2 x COM, 1 x LPT, PS/2 Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse on board
1 x Joystick, 1 x Line-in, 1 x Line-out, 1 x MIC on board
4 x USB ports (2 on board and another 2 by optional cable)
IrDA header ready

ATX power connector, ATX 12V connector, 3.3V AUX Power Connector
Power-on by K/B, PS/2 Mouse, LAN, RTC, Modem & switch
Supports USB device wake-up
Suspend / Wake-on by ACPI & APM device
AC recovery ON/OFF control; 3 level ACPI LED support
Stop CPU fan during entering suspend mode

ATX , 6 layer PCB (30.5*24.4cm)

Auto speed down and alarm when CPU overheat or fan failure (OS independent & driverless)
3 fan power & speed detection connectors
Stop CPU fan in suspend mode
System health status detect & report by BIOS
H/W detect & report Power-in voltage, CPU voltage and CMOS battery status

Supports DualBIOS technology; 4Mbit flash RAM
BIOS with enhanced ACPI feature for PC99/Win98/Win ME/Win2000 compliance, Green, PnP, DMI, INT13 (>8.4GB) & Anti-Virus functions
IDE#1~#4, SCSI, LS120, ZIP & CD-ROM bootable
Auto-detect & report system health status
Supports @BIOS Live Update

Suspend-To-RAM (STR)
Includes Wake-On-LAN header (WOL); Includes Wake-On-Ring (WOR)
Poly fuse for keyboard, USB & game overcurrent protection

Gigabyte Windows Utility Manager
Intel LDCM utility
Intel 850 patch utility for Windows 95/98
Creative PCI sound driver