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Yahoo! News   Fri, Sep 03, 2004
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Press Release - PRWEB
PR Web
CompAmerica Announces a Complete Line of Top Quality Industrial Computer Systems Made in the USA

Wed Sep 1, 8:00 AM ET

(PRWEB) September 1, 2004 -- CompAmerica announced it is now offering without doubt: the finest INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS in the world. They include Industrial Single Board Computers, Backplanes, Rackmount and Pedestal cabinetry, the finest offered anywhere. Manufactured in the USA. Domestically designed and supported.
(on the web- )


CompAmerica indicated it is building state-of-the-art high performance systems whose main boards, backplanes and single board computers will give buyers years of trouble free operation. The S Series CPU's are manufactured by an ISO9001 certified facility for unsurpassed quality.

Any kind of adapter or application can be included: we will not bend to the notion that some things simply can't be achieved at CompAmerica!

CompAmerica's "Industrials" are based on a powerful expanded architecture: built to be 100%+ compatible with software written for Windows, Linux (news - web sites) or IrMx operating systems. CompAmerica's newest INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER SYSTEMS are already establishing themselves as "best in breed." Our "air-glide" chassis designs, and "power-pack" hard drive housings can meet any RAID requirement and any G-Force drop necessity, even surviving airliner crashes or immersion in up to 1800 feet of ocean depth. Also supported are extended radiation exposure and orbital/space operation.

These Industrial systems are as exquisite as are our PCs and Laptops. CompAmerica can build them in any quantity, meet any requisition, nor order too large or too small or too mundane or too difficult. We can also ship them as tiny, embedded, panel, touch screen and mobilized systems, as needed.

And we support "earth scorching" performance.

For example, the OmegaXPT series offers Dual Xeon processors up to 3.06 GHz+, 8GB of on-board RAM and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, all in one incredibly well designed CPU. The EagleMX8 offers a choice blinding 3.4GHz and 3.6GHz operation with support for Extreme Cache.

CompAmerica's companion backplanes offer multi-layer, buffered, impedance matched layouts for glitch free, low noise operation.

CompAmerica's Integration Department can combine these high quality SBC's and backplanes with one of our world class Rackmount Enclosures plus a multitude of drives and I/O cards to provide buyers with a rugged industrial multi-slot system with unmatched performance.

CompAmerica uses only the finest power supplies, both unified and redundant designs with full plug and play and driver support for UPS systems, along with superior ventilation, longer lifespan, and extended range of duty.

CompAmerica can design a custom industrial computer system for the most discriminating buyer, drawing from it's background in Digital Equipment, Data General, HP, IBM, and Prime Computers in the 70's and 80's. Our systems are so rugged, we can drop them off a two story building and after pulling the parts back on a bench they'll power right back up and work upon power up as if they never hit the ground!

If a customer has a custom engineering requirement, CompAmerica can quote a price for non recurring custom engineering - we can produce systems that meet black or white box requirements, suitable for resale, business and government, military or hazardous duty.

Applications include digital voice servers, telephony technology, satellite networks, advanced multiprocessor servers, virtualized mainframes, web servers beyond comprehension, server complexes, avionics, defense, internet communications, ecommerce, networking, hyper-routing, hyper-dns, security, video surveillance (large scale), multimedia serving and many, many other applications.

For more information, contact CompAmerica at on the web, or for miscellaneous support, technical information and Sales, reach us by calling 888-ASK-CSS-1.

All systems manufactured in the USA.

# # #

John. Buchman (Public Relations Agent)
E-mail Information


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