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Video Capture, Assembly, Playout and IP Streaming Architecture (VCAB/IPS™)



HDX-9000 is CompAmerica’s video capture, assembly, playout and ip streaming solution for film, tv, and video broadcast, exhibition, and streaming organizations.  Its fundamental components include our Viper high end storage server for Broadcasters, our Tasmanium midrange storage server for IP Streamers and private Exhibitors, and our Mount Olympus series Advanced Video  Production workstation series which are based on Intel 7525 and 8500 chipset based multi-core and multi-cpu XEON and AMD OPTERON technology. (continued below...)



So that our customers can have in house video development and distribution/management capabilities rivaling the finest studios in the world, CompAmerica has organized its production product into four key areas using the top quality technologies available, offering a menu of solutions for each area of HD development, production, acceptance, distribution and assembly, as follows.  Each key area is comprised of a selection of key technologies ranging from software to codecs to encoders to editors to storage and workstation solutions to playback and playout solutions.


  1. CompAmerica Video Production (and Archival) menu


    • Microsoft Windows Media Production Live System
    • Windows Media Codecs
    • Inlet HD Technologies (HD Capture and Encoding in real time)
    • Avid News Cutter, DS Nitris, Xpress Pro, Media Encoder Adrenaline
    • Final Cut Pro (Quick Time production)
    • Pinnacle Liquid Editors
    • Microsoft Producer (and partner plug/add in software)
    • Kinetic Post Microsoft Media
    • Inscriber Time Codes Microsoft Media
    • Dalet Plus News Editor for HD
    • IBM Digital Media Center
    • Front Porch DIV Archive
    • Aqua Internet Encoder by Grass Valley
    • CompAmerica’s Black Hole Network Attached Storage / Storage Attached Networking (4 GB/second storage links)


  1. CompAmerica HD Production and Playthrough menu


·         CHOICE OF:

·         Smith/Wilcox Memphis MPEG 2/SMPTE 328 HD Encoder

·         Tandberg E5780 / E5782 HD (4:2:2) Encoder

·         Harmonic HD MPEG2 MV450 encoder

·         Teirnan THE15A Encoder

·         AND:

·         Multiport 4010/100 Series MEDIA Outlet Manager

·         CompAmerica’s MEDIA SERVER


·         Broadcaster P&P using HDCAM

·         HighTech System’s Active Filer for Media Storage, ingest, playout and master control.

·         Interactive Content Factory by TWI Interactive (broadcast content acquisition and delivery for Windows Media)

·         Dynamic Advertising Foundry (AD1)

·         Microsoft TV IPTV Edition






  1. CompAmerica Media Management menu

·         MultiLanguage Playout and TV / Cable Broadcasting Service

·         MultiFormat Exchange Service (HDMPEG, Quicktime Wrapper, Media Player Wrapper, Real Wrapper) for Internet and Transfer

  1. CompAmerica Creative Element Foundation and Studio Backbone menu

·         Transmission Down/Uplink (Dish/Feed) + integrated Net-Backbone:  1Gb Control LAN + 10Gb / 4 Gb Copper/Fiber Net

·         High Grade Transfer Interface: ASI/AES – MPEG2 – HD SDI (for connecting specific devices needing SDI Input)

·         Local Playout system – provides ability to drive SDI and large screen and monitor displays, includes Windows Media and Quicktime Encoding platform for POST activities and patch in.

·         Local Ingest (Capture) system – for receiving and gathering

·         Local Editing system --  for applying CAD/CAM elements to the ongoing production, includes Windows Media and Quicktime Encoding platform.

·         Cross bred Interconnects to Verizon 3G EDO and other VFNB (very fast net backbones)

·         Syncast and ACCOM realtime WMV solutions

·         Tandberg EN5920 Realtime hardware encoder technology


Using the parameters of your particular facility, we design your HDTV Studio building around reliable CompAmerica methodologies, integration that lasts our customers for decades.

Sitting with a CompAmerica Engineer, we can help you design your Station, Studio, Production Center, or Streaming/Broadcast business with highly reliable tools and solutions that bring you directly into the HD/WORLD™ Market.



For more information about our End-to-End Video/TV/IP TV production/broadcast solutions, call CompAmerica at 908-931-1200.


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