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CompAmerica Dealership Application Entry Program

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Resell CompAmerica's  product lines, Our own products come with 5 Year DefectFree Limited Warranty, 1 to 4 Year Parts

Replacement Limited Warranty, 1 to 4 Year Depot Return Limited Warranty, and Lifetime Reseller and End User Tech Support Limited Warranty, SELL.  Simply put: we make more reliable better supported products than all our store competitors combined.

Yet, if you have a preference, we supply the big name branded products AND warranty them, too, in accordance with the "Big Guys" standard programs!!  We just give you better tech support!

Sell only the best quality and beat the rest. The public is tired of the Big Brand's Bait and Switch tactics!


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In order to resell CSS's Products, resellers must first qualify by filling out and submitting our DOVE™ application. Fill it in on-line, below, and submit it by pressing the submit button on the form. We will review your information and contact your bank, Dun & Bradstreet, credit bureaus, and your trade references, with your express permission.

Call our main number and ask to speak with your representative to discuss real dealer pricing. All systems are covered by our standard 1 Year Dealer Professional Warranty. And all are accompanied by the same degree of technical support that our end users receive. So you won't ever be left out in the cold.

We have unique financing programs for dealers, including premises financing underwritten by GE Corporation, Leasing underwrittten by Wells Fargo Bank and other banks, and end user financing provided by American International Group.

[ Click Here ] to go to the VAR/OEM/ Reseller/ Dealer Authorization Application Form and apply.


For more information, call the Authorizations Desk at 888-ASK-CSS1, or send email to

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