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World Trade Center
9/11 Videos

WTC Plane Impact Full Disaster & Collapse

Videos captured by: Mr. Manos Megagiannis
BROOKLYN, NY 11201-1044 US

Originals are found at
Our thanks to the Megagiannis Family for taking these videos.

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After 9/11/01, we all just assumed there were only Four Jetliners.  Two more surfaced in Boston only a few days later: the hijackers' Knives had already been placed onboard the planes.  Who placed the Knives?  It has been suggested that cleaning personnel employed by local Mob were responsible.  This is quite true, as the airport cleaning personnel are mostly imports, brought here and living in Newark's immigrant neighborhoods, where the old "Down Neck" Mafia still runs the streets...

What the public does not know is that there was a second team of hijackers who were never able to get their plot to hijack another thirteen Jetliners off the ground.... In addition to the White House, Pentagon and World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Capital Dome, and CIA and NSA Headquarters were all on Al Qaeda's hit list... with two jets headed to each of them.  Only the planner for the first six jetliners was ever captured.  Two more planners escaped without being apprehension. This parallel Team of hijackers, already inside the USA in 1999, were interdicted by a small team of special intelligence investigators who acted independently of the system when their fervent admonitions that a 9/11 style attack was immanent were off-handedly dismissed by the Clinton Administration as: "Nonsense!". They took steps that caused the other thirteen jetliner's pilots and copilots in training to flee the USA in the early months of 2001, by turning their logistics coordinator and transport pilot over to the FBI. It scared off the other jetliner pilots and 'George' their leader. Had they not, 19 Jets would have been hijacked on 9/11/01 presumably. The consequences would have been unthinkable.  A little known fact.