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   CompAmerica is a globally renowned innovator in building and marketing PCs, high performance Servers, Mobil Computers, and Industrial Computers.  Spun out of American Computer Company in 1999 with a special focus on making the finest quality computer parts and other hardware available at the lowest price.  We also supply Government Systems and provide contract support and service for all forms of Enterprise and Internet networking. All systems are backed 24x7 by technology experts.  We do not use offshore call centers.

     We also specialize in the highest degree of available security, allowing us to intrusion proof, hacker proof, spy proof and terror proof your computing environment.  All of our PCs are equipped with FREE SECURITY PACKAGES that cover anti-spyware/adware, antivirus, anti-intrusion, firewall and automatic reconstruction as well as system optimization tools.  We deliver them fully equipped, and / or allow customers to download and update these free packages from our ADVANCED CUSTOMER CARE SECURITY SERVER which has never failed to protect a user's PC in over seven years.

   Every day, CompAmerica makes PC and Laptop Systems designed for maximum reliability, greatest ease of use, lowest overall cost of ownership and smoothest overall operation.  In our business, OVERALL RELIABILITY and USER SATISFACTION are the rule.  Our customer base ranges from Government to Corporate, from F100 to Small Businesses, from the Entertainment Industry to the Industrial Fabrication field and from Individuals to Home Gamers.

   Founded in 1969 by a young, gifted "computer guy" (yes, unlike most of those who followed him, he did go to college, yes he did graduate, no- he didn't cut any special deals with IBM or GE or any other major company or organization in order to fund the company-- it was founded and built by his HARD WORK and that of those who work for him), CompAmerica originally focused on independent programming in the fields of assembly languages and operating systems. Our first work was performed at AT&T Bell Labs and RCA Computer during the 60's.  We have come a very long way since those early years in the computer industry, expanding into hardware development, systems integration and networking.


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"Where the heck did Computer Sales & Service get the idea for THAT?"  commonly heard in the halls at IBM Corporation, CSS is a company that even Microsoft will listen to.  It's founder was the innovator responsible for desktop window PCs and inter-networked workstations and servers with windows, a seasoned veteran with in depth product design and market knowledge that transcends the world's computer industry.  Key executives add in experience ranging from computational satellite communications and telephony, to manufacturing automation in the automobile industry and expansive web and ISP development, along with direct knowledge of Wall Street and government accounts.
As sometimes happens in the computer industry, a remarkably talented group of people end up working together to open up new areas of computing and communications.  Computer Sales & Service is just that.  Broad appeal for it's products has made it one of the growing-est companies in the industry, and it is hardly unknown: it's 5 Year Warranty is globally famous, and its CompAmerica Online based ventures attract the largest audience of any on the internet, covering a diversity of subject matter in "real world" community appeal havens.
And as if that isn't enough, one of CSS's chief research scientists discovered a semiconductor technology in the mid 90's that even has Intel worried, the Million Gigahertz Transistor technology, as it is called in lay terms, known as the N-Alkane Silver Thiozole Transfer Capacitor, a device using (and its a very long word) "metal insulator dielectric junction electron trap oscillators" to operate as memory and logic for computation at speeds of up to 100 Million Gigahertz, over 50 million times faster than today's Pentium 4!  The technology is also so tiny, that you could place 90 Billion 32 Bit Words of storage onto a chip the size of a common Poker Chip, connect it to a clock battery and power it for 10 years as a mechanical disk drive replacement, with all the speed benefits indicated and the ability to read it's binary contents with ordinary Light!    While it is going to take years to commercially develop and exploit this technology, CSS is already on the road to success, parallel research at Lawrence Berkley and Harvard have already proven the basics in physics that CSS published (and was challenged) in the mid 90's!!



     Long Ago and Today: History

     In early 1964, a very young Jack Shulman (retired founder, presently Emeritus Chairman of the Board, no day to day responsibilities) was interned at RCA Corporation and less than a year later, at Bell Laboratories.  The work he would do there would change the face of computing as we know it.  Coping with a growing interest in small computers that could be used in telephone switching, back office services, and electronic communications of data, he developed a very basic system known as the "Branching Calculator".  The idea was to adapt very small electronically programmable "lunchbox" computers for use by the federal government in controlling the signaling of information between the North American Defense Command and the outlying facilities of the airbases, missile silos and other military facilities and services of the United States Department of Defense, a task that had been constantly evolving under the contract between AT&T and the US Government since 1948 during the cold war. 

    The language and the "micro-program" he wrote for the apparatus was originally intended to transmit controlled messages using a master encryption system, sending them to everything from submarines at sea to missile silos. Much of that early technology became known generically as "Bellix" and the "Bell Branching Calculator Programming System" Bell BCPS, and a series of constructs used by RCA in it's Spectra series computers known only as HCX or HCP (hosted control executive or control program).  Today, these original ideas continue on in the form of modern operating systems found in Unix computers and in IBM's O/S based operating systems and derivatives, along with embedded components in Multics, VMS and it's descendents. The "master encryption" system and his other programs were maintained under a strict degree of official secrecy before emerging into commercial computing during the late part of the 1960's.

    Between 1964 and 1969, 3DP continued on consulting with Jack Shulman and Joe Donner at it's helm (Joe is still actively involved in CompAmerica as Vice Chairman.  In 1969 and 70, it worked with a supplier of electronics to NBC, ABC and CBS and helped them develop what later became known as the National News Network.  In a contract with Colgate Palmolive, advanced software was developed that could interpret teletype data and translate it into databases.  In an informal agreement with Wang Laboratories, a programmable calculator was connected to an early type-ball typewriter or output printer and a so-called "Secretarial Support System" was developed - an early word processor. It's computational capability also made it suitable for use as a testing computer used extensively by NASA as a flight suit testing station and for calculating perigee and apogee of rocket flight.  The system was gradually expanded to include a numerical processor built by Wang that had many of the capabilities of later minicomputers, called the Wang "Computer in a Suitcase." 

1964 Bell Picture Phone    In 1971 and 72, and again in 1974 the company embarked on it's most ambitious effort ever - to combine video conferencing Picture Phone Technology with a computer and operating system, networked by what later became known as ISDN (and today, DSL and Broadband) to implement an "On line public library and communication based computational system" later called "Iris", the forerunner of today's Internet. In 1974, the company developed the DDA, the "data distribution accelerator", an early form of enhanced data router, for use by DARPA.

   From these humble beginnings, after hundreds of consultative contracts and an enormous amount of contribution to the advancement of technology, eventually 3DP decided to emerge into the mainstream computational industry, and purchased the assets of several companies as part of laying that foundation, between 1999 and 2002.  Today, known as "Computer Sales and Service Company", we specialize in advanced and innovative computing, telephony, communications and both hardware and software.


  The Task (circa 1969) --

from 1970 to 2004

by the year 2005

Starting out with this: using only your mind and your courage (and this list:) try to get to: today's PCs
(without getting caught or killed!)



  • IBM, GE


  • AT&T, SUN





  • etc...

The ORCA 7000 Super Laptop Computer
note our founder at a young age sitting at
an early Bell Research Labs Computer
25 Years that Changed the World! Note the cleverly camouflaged Picture Phone
built into nearly all CompAmerica Laptops?

     Product and Service Facilities

 Today, after over 35 years in existence, Computer Sales & Service is pioneering product hybridization, producing 2.4-3.8 GHz single and multiple core or multi-cpu computers it sells for no more than $399 and up, a broad spectrum of computer parts and computer hardware, and several lines of Pentium 4 laptop.  It also provides Servers which are as capable in an Avionics and Flight Control bay on board an F-16 Falcon, as they are in a File Server Room in the back office at  a Major Bank!

Our manufacturing facilities for Laptops are partly based in Taiwan, and partly based in California and in NJ, the ports easiest to bring them here, our PCs are built in NJ and NY State, and our Servers are built in NJ and CALIFORNIA.  Because of our diversity, east-coast and west-coast, we are able to continue to service our customers no matter what stands in the way, even California's notorious power problems, which have shut down many a business.

And our software experts outrank any other in the industry: American will provide technical support to ANYONE, that's right, even our competitor's customers.  We use only the finest computer parts and build only the best computer hardware.  All we ask in return is that they remember us the next time they look for a new computer.  Meanwhile, our own customers get a DEDICATED ASSIGNED SYSTEM ENGINEER, something that you probably thought only multi-million dollar mega-mainframe Fortune 500 companies got, right?  Well, at CSS, we treat every customer like the most important customer, because EVERYONE is the most important customer, to US!!!

 Our 5 Year Defects Free Limited Warranty is designed to cover you on the face of actual design and manufacturing flaws and defects.  Which is about what all our competitors provide for only 1 or 2 years!  In addition, we provide 1, 2, and 3 year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty (the level depends upon your choice!) And all customers get LIFETIME 24x7 Technical Support by Phone, Web and, if they are local to one of our plants, by Walking the Unit in!  Optional On-Site Service is available for all non-mobile products, however even though it's been offered, we've only had a SINGLE on-site service call in all of the past five years!!!

For more information, visit our main site and "Explore the Store!"

And remember: CSS is the VERY BEST there is, with the very best products, computer parts and the very best people.  We do not try to look good "on paper" like so many system integrators out there do, including the top 5, we try to DO GOOD BY YOU!

Quietly, the best.

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